Friday, May 2, 2008

Almost forgot about...

My new laptop fabulous!

I am honestly sooo excited about it. My laptop fits perfectly along with files, magazines, etc. It will be fantastic with my red luggage too and doesn't look a thing like your typical laptop bag! Thank you Kara at Kailo Chic! Now i'm walkin' around in style!

Adorable things

I am a sucker for all things adorable!! So today I bought these. They are magnets and so cute from (The Purple Pear). The multi-colored ones are for moi and the others for my MIL. I think she'll dig them!
Not much else happening here, Ryan and Dad were in KC last night where there were tornados all over the place...Ryan called while sirens were going off. Talk about making me nervous! But he's called this a.m. and things are fine, minus the headache he has from too much imbibing! :)
Hopefully more as my job gets less crazy week after next...two weeks from now i'll just be getting home from New Orleans with another conference behind me. Whew!