Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Maybe if I write it down...

Then the weight loss thing might actually happen. If I write down what I eat, how much of it I eat, how much I exercise and *gasp!* how much I weigh, will that help? If I tell the whole world (or the 1.25 people that read this thing) how many m&m's I had, about the Oreo's I snuck from the boys, how I just had to have bacon on my burger tonight, perhaps i'll feel just the teensiest bit accountable. Maybe, just maybe, that will light the fire that I need to get this 25 pounds off. I'm going to consider posting my weight...that number just makes me feel like i'm already standing naked on the scale. Horror!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quit your whining...

(photo from

I was shopping yesterday for these little "relief kits" we're putting together for my son's school. Handtowel, washcloth, 6 bandaids, a bar of soap, an adult toothbrush, a comb and nail clippers. Nail clippers...yesterday, the bane of my existence! No store in our little town of 12,000 seemingly had any. Five different stores AND it was 20 degrees outside AND I couldn't find any gloves or mittens AND what on earth was I complaining about? That I couldn't find nail clippers? That I had to get in my CAR and drive down a STREET with potholes in it and be COLD while wearing my coat and cozy shoes? At one point I thought, "Who am I to complain about this? People don't have homes, their friends and family are dying all around them, they are missing loved ones." I decided i'd go to 100 stores if I had to and shut my mouth and not complain. But as luck would have it, in that 6th store, there was a whole bin of 50 cent nail clippers. And while I was watching my 5 year old organize and build his kits, my heart was warm as the sun, knowing that somewhere along the way he learned compassion and love, for strangers he's never met. We're doing something right.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wanna win this...

I already have one treasured piece of jewelry from Lisa Leonard...she's only THE hottest personal jewelry maker out there today. Seriously! She's everywhere...and with good reason. So today when Sloan Photographers blogged about her and the gorgeous necklace of hers that they're giving away, I wanted to put my second entry out there. So here it is!