Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nine more weeks...

My beautiful sister-in-law is having her first baby (a girl!) in about nine weeks. This past weekend we had her baby shower and took some time to get some pregnancy photos. I call her Mego Prego (not to her face of course)...but really her name is Megan.

I hope to get some more of her, and maybe her good-lookin' husband too, before the little one gets here in June. Thanks for letting me practice Meg!


Please remind me to never buy a house again. And to never buy a house until mine is sold. I'm frustrated and scared and this is all after the elation that I felt on Monday night that we had actually done it...and without a realtor. All of our hard work and extra money was going to belong to us. But as of today (yep, three days later) they haven't signed the contract. His wife needs "convincing." That doesn't sound very good to me. Does it sound very good to you? Every single penny that we have is going to the closing of the new house on June 1. No lie. And if we don't get this house sold, I don't know what we'll do. Back to praying I guess...

160.4 (just in case you were curious).

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This would be awesome...

(image from cameraimage)

Rachel B has a fantastic giveaway on her blog! She's giving away an actual Polaroid. Oh my, if 5 years ago I had known I would want one, I would have grabbed Ryan's grandmother's at her estate sale. But I didn't know. I didn't know i'd turn to photography as a hobby and I certainly didn't know that I would want to try to get creative with a Polaroid! But as luck would have it, I stumbled upon Rachel B's blog a month or so ago and have fallen in love! What a fun new challenge. So she's giving one away here and cross my fingers, i'll win!! You should try too, and give it to me for Mother's Day or something! Hee hee!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's all okay...

I survived. Dare I say that I even had a good time? I told Ryan that I generally gauge things on how blotchy I get. Before I even had a chance to blotch up, his new employer (who is younger than me by the way) was asking me about my job, about the boys, about the new house...just being a really great hostess (it was their party after all). I really did have a nice time. Everyone there is salt-of-the-earth. I'm relieved...and really happy for Ryan.

Today started out yucky. Jazzercise was good, it felt like I got in a good workout. And surprisingly, it wasn't difficult (too difficult I should say) to get out of bed and go. But it was cold. Colder than I wanted. After mom left this morning she called ten minutes later to tell me she'd been in an accident. What?! She's okay and there was minimal damage so i'm fully relieved. She's just started PT on her back so i'm hoping she doesn't feel any after effects tomorrow. The rest of the day got better as I had lunch with my birthday buddy and managed to be productive for work.

I'm starting to worry about the house. This one and that one. We're having two open houses on Sat and Sun this weekend. Hopefully we've got enough emails and advertising out to entice people to come in. And I emailed the girl who loved the house from last weekend. Told her we dropped the price and was there anything else I could tell her about the place? So basically i'm grasping at straws...thus the photo above. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Down it goes...

Whatever i'm doing is working FINALLY! This morning I was at 161.3...the lowest i've been since I was pregnant with Owen. It's really just exercise (and not even enough of it...just think what I could do if i'd push myself) and eating less. You know what? My one "thing" is that I don't eat after supper. I just don't. It's not even something that I think about anymore, I just automatically don't do it. I suppose that helps! Anyway, I'm still thinking 145 is the goal and that seems like a long way off. So i'm hoping that by my birthday i'll be at 155. That would make me REALLY happy! :)

Ryan started his new job on Monday. Tonight i'm going to dinner with their "peeps." This includes all of the local people here that i've never met. Um...i'm way nervous. Of course my main concern is that I don't have anything appropriate to wear. My next concern is that i'll break out into my red blotchiness that's oh-so-attractive. My last concern is that I simply won't know what to say. That's silly, I know, because I talk to people all of the time. And i'm in social situations where I don't really know people all of the time. But this is his "new" life and I want him to fit in. So I want to help. It will be fine, I know it will, but I can't help worrying.

Speaking of worrying, i'm worried about our house not selling. Of course I love it more than ever now that we've got some stuff in storage and it's neat and tidy all of the time (just in case). And I want to find someone who will love it as much as I do and take care of it while they're here. I thought we found the person but she hasn't called us...sad. It'll sell eventually. Last night I buried a statue of Joseph from our nativity scene in the front yard. Ryan's aunt said that the ladies at coffee swear by this trick. So I hoofed it downstairs, found the nativity, wrapped him up in a Walmart sack and buried him in the front landscaping. We'll see what happens! (mine is porcelain and not plastic so I hope that doesn't matter!) Anyway, if you've got friends in the market, send them here:

Have a fantastic week!