Monday, February 2, 2009

Long time no post...

i'm afraid that today may be a non-photo day. i would have to run upstairs to get my camera and that seems like a long way to go just to add a photo. i am feeling the sunday hangover today. i didn't want to get out of bed, i don't want to work, worse yet, i don't want to use any capital letters!! i was on the scale today for the first time in a while and have gained about 3 pounds. so that's it. as of today i'm trying to lose 5 pounds this month. okay, 6 would probably make me feel better but hey, baby steps. so i'll try to walk today and am already drinking water. breakfast is in order too i guess, probably yogurt or something else good for me. but again, have to go upstairs...lazy!!

enjoy the day, the week...the month? for as often as i post that is! this week is supposed to be gorgeous here so i'm already looking forward to friday as it's supposed to be the nicest day of all. oh, and the bunco i'm playing friday night with some ladies here in town. i know 3 of them so the other 8 will be new to me! yay! new friends!? :)