Wednesday, December 19, 2007

i haven't posted in quite a while, we had a tragedy in my family. my younger brother took his own life about 10 days ago. people have been calling and emailing to check in on me and my parents. we are left wondering why but i am trying to find comfort in the fact that whatever was causing him to suffer, he is no longer in that pain. i believe in forgiveness and that he is in heaven watching over me and my family now. nothing will ever replace him...i will miss his smile and his hugs and the way he always teased me about all kinds of things. how i dress my boys, if i had a pimple, if he thought i was being too uptight about something...whatever. and the stories of us growing up as kids will now have to be told by me. that's a shame because i'm not the funny one, he is. his service last week was attended by over 800 people. friends, family and acquaintances. people i graduated from highschool with over 16 years ago attended to support me, i got cards from people i haven't heard from in over 20 years, and finally i have been overwhelmed by the support and love that my true friends, new and old, have offered. your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

the snow is's just gorgeous! finally i'm getting in the christmas if i could just unbury the car and get out to do some shopping. was planning on doing a lot online but think i'm missing out on the experience of being out in the madness! am i crazy or what?

also new this week, nebraska hired itself a new head coach, bo pelini! woo hoo! thank you dr. tom...we're so happy to welcome coach pelini and his family back to nebraska. thank you for hiring coach ron brown as an assistant and may nothing but good things come to you and your program.

anyone see one of those cricut machines advertised on tv? i'm intrigured...might have to try that.

Monday, December 3, 2007

i'm working on mastering the blog. at least there is one picture of the boys posted here. i love this picture...they are so funny! max is a riot and can make owen laugh just by being his goofy self. i'll post more photos tonight and hope to get to plans on my new closet/craft room soon. stay tuned...