Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's all okay...

I survived. Dare I say that I even had a good time? I told Ryan that I generally gauge things on how blotchy I get. Before I even had a chance to blotch up, his new employer (who is younger than me by the way) was asking me about my job, about the boys, about the new house...just being a really great hostess (it was their party after all). I really did have a nice time. Everyone there is salt-of-the-earth. I'm relieved...and really happy for Ryan.

Today started out yucky. Jazzercise was good, it felt like I got in a good workout. And surprisingly, it wasn't difficult (too difficult I should say) to get out of bed and go. But it was cold. Colder than I wanted. After mom left this morning she called ten minutes later to tell me she'd been in an accident. What?! She's okay and there was minimal damage so i'm fully relieved. She's just started PT on her back so i'm hoping she doesn't feel any after effects tomorrow. The rest of the day got better as I had lunch with my birthday buddy and managed to be productive for work.

I'm starting to worry about the house. This one and that one. We're having two open houses on Sat and Sun this weekend. Hopefully we've got enough emails and advertising out to entice people to come in. And I emailed the girl who loved the house from last weekend. Told her we dropped the price and was there anything else I could tell her about the place? So basically i'm grasping at straws...thus the photo above. Wish us luck!

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