Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The long, cold winter

Winter has been long and very cold and it's only nearing the end of January. I have had some good days this month despite the cruddy weather. I got a chance to take some really cute pictures of my boys, including Owen's new tooth! Look out world...he's chomping on everything! Last week I also had a chance to hang out with some good friends, Pat and Sheri. Heard good news from Sheri that she's moving back home so hopefully i'll be seeing much more of her. That is always good news! I'm also doing fairly well on my weight loss endeavors. Bye bye baby fat, hello cute spring clothes! Down 2.7 pounds towards my goal of 5 pounds this month. I even got on the treadmill a couple of times thanks to
the SWEET new iPod from my hubby for Christmas.

I almost forgot that Max had his first dentist appointment two weeks ago. He did fantastic and has no cavities! All of that wrestling him so he can get brushed was worth it!

Right now i'm learning how to use Elements. I took some family photographs of some friends of ours in November and managed to get them edited and printed this month. I even created an invoice for my "business." When she pays me this will be my first paying photography session. I plan on framing my first $1. Very exciting!!

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karen.brian said...

I can't believe Owen already has a tooth!! Wow, time files! Your boys are adorable!