Monday, January 5, 2009

Wow, what a break!

My Christmas break from the U started on the 23rd of December...yes, that's almost two weeks ago. Wow! And what a much needed break it was. I suppose I need to start with the fact that I finally finished my class on the 16th and see that i've received an A for a grade. Ryan and I were discussing the fact that this was by far the most stressful course i've taken towards my MPA. The work involved was overwhelming and I was more than a little stressed at times. But it's over and I have two courses left. Hopefully this time next year I will have my degree. :) I guess that can be my new year's resolution (of which I resolved to have none).

I was able to have a holiday lunch with my friend Kerri and she turned me on to this little store we have here in town called Heartland Gifts. I managed to find something for my Aunt Dawn and a little something for me too!! I've been trying and trying to find a tree topper to no avail. I finally found something I really love...

Next came Christmas! A trip up to Ryan's parents for Christmas Eve (3 hours away). Fun with his family and the mounds of gifts that the kids got (see the picture above of the boys and our nieces)! That same evening we drove back to my parents (2 hours away) and woke up to share Christmas Day with my family. My niece and nephew were able to be with us so we were thrilled!! The following day we got home (only 1 hour this time) and had our own Christmas!

I received the most beautiful camera bag from Wicked Stitch Designs. I chose the fabrics ahead of time and told Ryan what I wanted. He ordered it and it is just gorgeous!

See what I mean? GORGEOUS! I love it and am thrilled to be carrying it around!

Okay, last thing. Mom and I painted what was the spare bedroom in our basement last monday. I wanted to turn it into a play room for the boys. Beyond that, it means that Ryan and I can relax in the basement right next to them, a place we haven't been able to hang out in for some time due to the clutter and general lack of comfort down there. I remedied all of that in one week's time. Here is the final result...

So much fun and the boys just love it! Max especially loves the art center. When I finally get chairs I guarantee he will spend hours in there! What a productive and fun-filled break! Happy New Year everyone! I hope it is a fantastic 2009!!

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