Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kristen Wiig, My Boys and other random thoughts...

Okay, if you haven't seen SNL in a while, you have to check out these Top 10 Kristen Wiig moments. In my opinion she is the funniest SNL character since Molly Shannon. She definitely brings energy and a new brand of funny to the show. You can check out some of her hilarious performances here:

You can thank me later!!

My Boys is finally here tonight!! Ana and Ipek and I will be living it up with PJ and the boys tonight. I can't wait!! It's the one show you should definitely be watching, and it only takes 30 minutes so there's no excuse:

And finally, yes, the Bravos resigned Chipper Jones through 2012. Good sign. Now if he can just stay healthy!! You go Larry, we're looking forward to a few more good years!

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