Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy spring...

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It's finally here!! But unfortunately between work and the boys, sickness (Owen then me), planning a baby shower for my SIL and buying a house, i've been such a slacker here at the ol' blog! And with the exercise and writing down what I eat (not to mention actually watching what I eat). I took all of last week off from exercise because my chest hurt so bad when I drew deep breaths that I knew I couldn't keep up in class. Not to mention the coughing fits that happened repeatedly last week, the girls in class would have probably given me dirty looks!! I guess it was fine because springing ahead definitely stunk this year and I needed my rest! Oh I hate it being dark again when I get up. Blech!

So to get back on track I weighed in this a.m. If you'll remember I was to be at 160.6 can do my friends. 163.2. So not awful, just think of how I might have been today had it not been for being sick last week. But we can't go backward, only forward!! So a good breakfast, a little coffee and some water today. Watching what goes in my mouth (thank goodness the Girl Scout cookies are almost gone)...i'll get back on track. After all, summer is only a season away!

So spill are you doing?


Jacci said...

hi! :) I've loved looking through your blog some this afternoon - you have *such* adorable boys! thanks so much for your kind comments. good luck with your weight loss - it's a killer, isn't it?


Renae said...

Hey Jacci! I just love your blog and am so thrilled when you make progress. You took such a long break I was worried you'd be gone forever!!

I started the blog for fun and then turned it into a sort of inspirational blog for two of my other girlfriends who are struggling along with me! It felt a little weird putting this stuff out there but I honestly figured they'd be the only ones reading it! Thanks for stopping by!