Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day three...

I know, I know, it's water weight. But two pounds is a lot to this girl. If I can get out of the 170's i'll be catapulted into a new level of commitment. And because it's water I know that this means that now I can get down to getting rid of the bad stuff. The yuck, the gross, the unattractive. Bring it on, cuz I want to wear this:

So here's my food journal:

My cheerio breakfast, including coffee (243)
Plus an apple for a snack (81)
Running total 324

Wow, can I already be thinking about lunch? Ugh.

So here's lunch:
Omelette (one egg, two whites, peppers, onions mushrooms cooked in Olive Oil), 1/4c shredded fiesta blend cheese and a slice of toast (with ICBINB spray) (421)
Running total 745

Hunt's snack pack (130)
Running total 875

Spaghetti feed at the VFW...really hard to estimate but I figure:
1.25 c of pasta (247)
3/4 c sauce (120)
1 slice garlic bread (150)
1 3x3 slice of white cake with white frosting (211) and TOTALLY NOT worth it
Running total 1603

Yogurt (100)

Total 1703...I told ya, not a 1200 calorie day!

15 minutes of my Wii fitness coach and 15 minutes on the treadmill at 3.5mph while watching Project Runway. Whew!

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nukinu said...

YOU ARE MY HERO. YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!! Getting inspired. :)