Monday, February 8, 2010

Week two...

Can you say slacker? I didn't write down the remainder of Friday (which consisted of dinner out with friends and drinks out with those same friends). Grownups actually. It was fantastic!! Saturday was spent at my parents. Mom always makes breakfast for us. This weekend it was pancakes and sausage, lunch was chicken strips and potato salad, dinner was Haley's birthday with sloppy joe's, chips, Debbie's crazy coleslaw salad and cake! Oh, don't forget the mocha mudslide ice cream that I ate...TWICE!

And yesterday was eggs and bacon (lots of it), frozen pizza for lunch and then the Super Bowl. BBQ wings, pigs in a blanket and tortilla chips with cheese. Horrible. And I'm trying to figure out why I didn't care. But for some reason I didn't.

Okay, I know you're waiting for it. Today I was 168.6. So all in all not too bad. Gee, what would it look like if I hadn't been weak? That's a question that won't be answered. Can't be answered. This morning i'm feeling like I might have the flu. Just typing what I ate made me a little nauseous. So we'll see how this week goes. I'm not down by any means but i'm not hyped up like I was last week. It's probably just not feeling good. The good news is that I didn't lose much ground, and I need to keep things in perspective.

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