Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring is coming...

I can finally feel spring is on its way here. The boys are getting more and more restless which makes me think that they know something I don't. Like they can feel the impending spring and are just starting to get impatient.

After some tweaks and the addition of my running program (i'm running a race in May), things appear to be on the downhill slide! Tuesday i'm having my Mirena removed and hope that that will increase the losses even more instead of making my body think that it's pregnant! Eeeek! I think that March and April will be even more productive than February after getting into more of an active routine and now counting points.

I ordered the cutest spring jacket in begonia, a flowery umbrella and some black medallion flats on Saturday. Eddie Bauer was having a 30% off of everything sale!! I can't wait to wear everything!! This pair of flats is on my birthday list:

Finally, i'm making this dress (the short sleeved version) for my meeting in Chicago in May. I think i'll use a menswear fabric and some red pumps for impact:

Enjoy your week, hope it's successful and full of sunshine!!

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