Monday, February 1, 2010

Moments of brilliance...

Mine came Saturday. Max gave us a gorgeous, hand-made 2010 calendar for Christmas. And for the past month or so it's been hanging by it's binding, from a plain nail in the kitchen. In the past my calendars have hung in a holder, kinda country but who cares? It's at least attractive. My calendars are the timeline of our family, the cute things my kiddos say or do, milestones that are met, that kind of thing. So I knew it had to go up. But the calendar was too narrow and not long enough to fill the space. On Saturday I had had enough! I headed to the basement for the scrapbooking paper. I was determined to make something beautiful out of my calendar holder to incorporate the already beautiful calendar my thoughtful and creative kindergartener had made for us. The results are fantastic!! I love each month the spotlight on a gorgeous background had me smiling all weekend. I just had to share.

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